Parameter query to find null dates at runtime

Hi Everybody

I am trying to be able to filter records by whether the date field
which is called "RiskDate" in the
recordset, is either:

1. Is Null
2. Not Null

The parameter in the query field RiskDate is:
Like "*" & [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate]

But I cannot figure what to put in ComboRiskDate to supply the
parameter at runtime.

Most grateful if anyone could help.

7/24/2007 8:26:12 PM
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One approach would be to put anything you like in the combo box ("Null" and 
"Not Null" or even "Red" and "Blue" if that means something to you).

You'd then want the WHERE clause in your SQL to look like:

([Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate] = "Null"))
([Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate] = "Not Null"))

You might be able to specify this in the query grid as:

IS NULL AND [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate] = "Null"

on one  line, and

IS NOT NULL AND [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate] = "Not 

on another line, although I'd recommend going into the SQL view and making 
sure it's correct.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no private e-mails, please)

"bobdydd" <> wrote in message
> Hi Everybody
> I am trying to be able to filter records by whether the date field
> which is called "RiskDate" in the
> recordset, is either:
> 1. Is Null
> 2. Not Null
> The parameter in the query field RiskDate is:
> Like "*" & [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate]
> But I cannot figure what to put in ComboRiskDate to supply the
> parameter at runtime.
> Most grateful if anyone could help.

7/24/2007 8:44:25 PM
On Tue, 24 Jul 2007 13:26:12 -0700, bobdydd <>

>Hi Everybody
>I am trying to be able to filter records by whether the date field
>which is called "RiskDate" in the
>recordset, is either:
>1. Is Null
>2. Not Null
>The parameter in the query field RiskDate is:
>Like "*" & [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate]
>But I cannot figure what to put in ComboRiskDate to supply the
>parameter at runtime.
>Most grateful if anyone could help.

Well, Like won't work. What are the actual values of the bound column in
ComboRiskDate? If (e.g.) it's the text strings IS NULL and IS NOT NULL, try

WHERE (RiskDate IS NULL AND  [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate]
= "IS NULL") 
OR (RiskDate IS NOT NULL AND  [Forms]![frmCommissionContainer]![ComboRiskDate]

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
7/24/2007 9:39:12 PM
Thanks guys

Some success

I managed to do this in the query grid by putting in the RiskDate

0. Is Null
1. Is Not Null

I then added another "Unseen column" with "Forms]!
and then put
Or 1
In that column. And bingo the combo box selects correctly

7/25/2007 7:14:35 AM

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