ODBC connection standardization

Good Day!I develop Access dbs for a large Mortage firm. As a rule, most of the larger tables are housed on a MS-SQL server. ODBC connections are used to connect.  The Front-end access db could be launched from any number of desktops in our support area and I am encountering issues with differences in the system dsn entries in each of the machines.  I can successfully execute a P-T query using the system dsn on my primary machine, but the other users have to replace the connection string in the property sheet of the P-T query by pointing to THEIR system dsn entry within the MS ODBC Administrator on their machine.My question is:is there an easy way to deploy a standard connection string that will work on any of these machines?You guys have yet to fail me on this kind of stuff so Im looking forward to the usual quick concise responses.Thanks! D.
3/29/2007 12:50:04 PM
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