need some SQL Update Help

I have a Access 2000 db and I have these 2 tables. 

InvoiceID - Primary Key - Autonumber
InvoiceNumber - long
SaleType - char(1)
TransactionDate - DateTime
Discount - Integer
WholesaleFlag - Boolean
PaymentMethod - Char(6)
CustPONumber - Char(30)
ShortName - Char(30)
MdCountCode - char(2)
TaxFreeID - char(30)
Paid - Boolean
FestInvoiceNumber - long

The second Table is:

TransactionType - char(1)
Units - integer
UnitCost - Double
BottleSize - Double
LineItemId - PrimaryKey - Autonumber
InvoiceNumber - Long - Foreign Key Field from ArchInvoices
Productcode - char(6)
TransactionDate - DateTime
MdcountyCode - char(2)
ShortName - char(30)
Wholesalerflag - Boolean
Discount - integer
TaxFree - Boolean

Now, the two tables are in a 1 to Many relationship. For every 1 ArchInvoice 
record there are Many ArchLineItems records.

Now, I need to take the ArchLineItems.TransactionDate and set it to the 

I have tried many update statements and Access keeps on giving me an error 
saying missing 1 parameter. I need some sort of Update SQL that will do this. 
Can anybody help. Yes, I know the tables need to be normalized. Thanks in 

9/25/2007 1:06:02 PM
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On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 06:06:02 -0700, Ed Cohen
<> wrote:

Create a new update query. In the QBE window select both tables. Join
them by InvoiceNumber. Drag LineItems.TransactionDate to the grid
below. Set its value to ArchInvoices.TransactionDate

Indeed, that's a terrible database design.


>I have a Access 2000 db and I have these 2 tables. 
>InvoiceID - Primary Key - Autonumber
>InvoiceNumber - long
>SaleType - char(1)
>TransactionDate - DateTime
>Discount - Integer
>WholesaleFlag - Boolean
>PaymentMethod - Char(6)
>CustPONumber - Char(30)
>ShortName - Char(30)
>MdCountCode - char(2)
>TaxFreeID - char(30)
>Paid - Boolean
>FestInvoiceNumber - long
>The second Table is:
>TransactionType - char(1)
>Units - integer
>UnitCost - Double
>BottleSize - Double
>LineItemId - PrimaryKey - Autonumber
>InvoiceNumber - Long - Foreign Key Field from ArchInvoices
>Productcode - char(6)
>TransactionDate - DateTime
>MdcountyCode - char(2)
>ShortName - char(30)
>Wholesalerflag - Boolean
>Discount - integer
>TaxFree - Boolean
>Now, the two tables are in a 1 to Many relationship. For every 1 ArchInvoice 
>record there are Many ArchLineItems records.
>Now, I need to take the ArchLineItems.TransactionDate and set it to the 
>I have tried many update statements and Access keeps on giving me an error 
>saying missing 1 parameter. I need some sort of Update SQL that will do this. 
>Can anybody help. Yes, I know the tables need to be normalized. Thanks in 
9/25/2007 2:50:22 PM

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