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How can I minimize the current form?



8/16/2007 2:57:01 AM
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in a command button code or other event.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

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> How can I minimize the current form?
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8/16/2007 3:25:27 AM

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When I use the database window to view the forms, some are missing! I think that somehow they are hidden from the database view, but I don't know how to unhide them. (Yes, I know they are there because they appear at certain points in running the database.) Thanks. -- Bill You don't mention which version of Access you are using. Depending on which, you can check a checkbox somewhere to "show hidden" objects. Regards Jeff Boyce Microsoft Access MVP -- Disclaimer: This author may have received products and services mentioned in this post....

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How do you display the autonumber field in a new record in a form as aposed to it displaying (new) and saving the autonumber in the datasheet without having to click previous record then next record? Thanks If you are displaying an Autonumber field, you have already made a mistake. Autonumber fields should be used ONLY for primary keys of tables. They should have no meaning to your data or application. A user should never see an autonumber and they cannot be editied. -- Dave Hargis, Microsoft Access MVP "newuser" wrote: > How do you display the autonumber field in a new ...

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Hello there, when I right-click in calendar view, I can create a meeting with one of the forms selected in the context menu. That entry would start at the time where I had my mouse pointing too. Is it possible to add own form into the context menu which would act the same way? How would I do this? Thanks for any pointer regards Dan You would need to set it as the default form for that folder. Right click on the folder, select properties, use the dropdown to select the form to use when posting to this folder. --� Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep...

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I have a table with the 3 columns attached to a form 1 - Experience 2 - Yes/No 3 - Role I want to prefill the experience column with 15 entries for the user to complete when they open the form. Is there a way to do this in Access? Joe, Are you saying you want to provide the user with 15 choices from which to opick one to go in Experience? If so, create a table with the 15 choices and then place a combobox based on that table in the form with Experience as the record source. Stalin wrote: >I have a table with the 3 columns attached to a form > >1 - Experience > >2 - Yes/N...

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Can I creat a Form in Publisher? I am able to create a form in MS Word 2000 that people can just check off boxes. I am using Publisher 98, and I'm wondering if any later versions are able to create these same forms. Thank you. Publisher 98 has business form templates. Try adapting one of them for your own needs. All versions of Publisher have business form templates. There are others on the Office web site, but Publisher 98 is not compatible with those. -- Mary Sauer MSFT MVP news:// http://officebeta.ip...

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I am trying to build a Word 2003 form that will allow me to quickly compile data from the fields in Excel. So if I have 200 forms, I will be able to open excel, update it with the completed form fields and have each Field occupy a different row. e.g: Name(field 1) Dept (field 2) Salary (field 3) bob Sales 40k mary Finance 30k joe Marketing 80k I am trying to avoid doing this manually. Any help is greatly appreciated. You may have wanted to crosspost this into both an MSWord newsgroup a...