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I have two tables in Access 2003 with a one-to-many relationship, in
an access report the grouping works, how do I make this work in a
2003 mail merge? The following are not my tables but an example of
what I am trying to achieve, where the relationship is 1 to many from
Orders to OrderItems:

Table 1 - Orders

Table 2 - OrderItems

On the 1 Page word document I want to print display as follows

This is your <Order ID> on <Date>.
Your Salesperson was <Salesperson>.

Here is a list of your Items:

It will list as many items as there are for the particular
help gratefully received. I have tried various methods but can't seem
to get any to work.

Many Thanks, Chris.

9/27/2007 8:29:34 AM
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Do you have to place this in a word document?

I would build a report, and then simply convent the report to a pdf when you 
email it....

word can take ONE record, and place it into a  document.

however, placing "many" records is NOT an ability of the word merge.

So, given that issue, you have to resort to code.

There are samples and ideas on how to do this at:

look on the left side for special merges. The one you want is

Multiple items per condition

Albert D. Kallal    (Access MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

9/27/2007 10:58:03 AM
Thanks everyone!

I had created the query to base the merge on, but because I need to
display a list on the same page from the mail merge, on the 'many'
side, this was not possible. I needed to output in word as we need to
send the word file to a client so they can edit. I have tried all the
coding examples but can't get them to work, as my coding expertise is
not great. Think I need a VBA wizard to come in and do this for me.
However, it's not worth it for it's application so I'll have to
implement my simple but effective work around. input the figured into
the table on the database, copy and paste into a notes field, of which
is easy to import to the Word document.

Cheers, Chris.

9/27/2007 2:04:04 PM

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