is there a template for system requirements tracking

3/12/2008 11:58:00 PM
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"RequirementsRob" <> wrote <nothing 
except the subject>

Rob, you can feel free to use the big white space underneath the Subject 
line to ask an intelligible question. One thing that is certainly germane, 
when you are asking about templates, is what version of Access you are 

It would also be just peachy-keen if you would describe what functionality 
you desire in "system requirements tracking" -- you can be assured that 
three-word phrase does not mean the same to everyone who reads it.

I've seen some "activity tracking" and "defect tracking" examples that might 
be adapted... older templates (some of which are not exactly "sterling 
examples of best practices") can generally be used with versions of Access 
released after that template.  There were/are significant changes in the 
area of templates in Access 2007, and there are more templates, and even 
more expected.

The real problem with "templates" is that there's no workable business model 
that makes it worthwhile for users and independent developers to create 
them -- they are beneficial only to Microsoft in promoting use of the 
product.  Most independents who create something for public consumption 
create sample databases, not templates -- it's easier, and to customize the 
applications generated from templates, you'll have to get into the design 
and code, in any case.

 Larry Linson
 Microsoft Access MVP 

3/13/2008 4:05:54 AM

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