How to change the AutoNumbers inID field in my finished database?

This may be a simple question but...
I have already entered in my data and want to change the autonumbers, to a 
different way I have set it up.  Is this possible? 
2/5/2008 3:48:01 AM
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On Mon, 4 Feb 2008 19:48:01 -0800, Jako
<> wrote:

Define "different".

>This may be a simple question but...
>I have already entered in my data and want to change the autonumbers, to a 
>different way I have set it up.  Is this possible? 
2/5/2008 4:23:34 AM
Jako <> wrote:

>I have already entered in my data and want to change the autonumbers, to a 
>different way I have set it up.  Is this possible? 

How do you have them setup and how do you want them to work?

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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2/5/2008 5:02:49 AM
"Tom van Stiphout" <> skrev i meddelelsen
> On Mon, 4 Feb 2008 19:48:01 -0800, Jako
> <> wrote:
> Define "different".
> -Tom.
>>This may be a simple question but...
>>I have already entered in my data and want to change the autonumbers, to a
>>different way I have set it up.  Is this possible? 

2/7/2008 11:56:42 AM

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