Graphs and charts in Access 2007

I found a chart in an old Access 2000 database that I was able to copy/paste 
into my new application that seems to have no current design for in Access 
2007, a stacked bar chart.  Compared to creating charts and graphs in Excel, 
Access 2007 seems very limited in the variety of charts that can be created, 
and I don't remeber how I created that one.

1. A problem I have with the Stacked bar chart in Access is formatting the 
horizontal axis. Although the query passes dates to the chart for this axis, 
it doesn't use the earliest date as the beginning/minimum value of the chart 
and the latest as the end/maximum value..  It seems I have to set the scale 
under "format axis", so will have to change this propery whenver the date 
range changes.  How can this be done in code, or is something else effecting 
the minimum/maximum values?  The horizontal and vertical axes min and max 
are currently set as automatic.

2. Is there a way to create a chart of the design I need in Excel, then 
import that into Access with a local data source for it?  Copy/paste isn't 
working - as soon as I add a query or table as the source I get OLE errors 
which I do not know how to fix. "The operation on the OLE object failed. The 
OLE server may not be registered.  To register the OLE server, reinstall 

3. Has anyone already created some chart/graph examples that I could 
download and modify that extend the Access capabilities which I am finding 


4/12/2010 7:00:01 PM
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