FYI: Open Word doc without unwanted messages

With the help of Doug Steele (thanks!) I was able to create a function to 
open Word docs more smoothly. Maybe it can be of use to someone else. See 
below for code and comments.


Function fOpenWordDoc(strFullPath As String)
On Error GoTo Err_Handler

'Purpose:   Open/BringToFront Word document without unwanted messages

'Comment:   This function either opens a Word document or,
'           if already opened by the user, brings it to front.
'           Bringing it to front and not re-opening the Word
'           document, prevents the default Word dialog
'           (open read only?, etc) to appear.
'           If the Word document is already opened by another
'           user, the user does get the default Word dialog
'           (open read only?, etc). Pressing 'Cancel' on this
'           dialog, won't result in a 'Command Failed' message.

'Argument:  strFullPath = the full path of the document

Dim oApp As Object
Dim objDoc As Object
Dim strFile As String
Dim booFound As Boolean

10  Set oApp = GetObject(Class:="Word.Application")
    'Get filename only (including the extension)
20  strFile = Mid(strFullPath, InStrRev(strFullPath, 1))
    'Check if document is already opened by user
30  For Each objDoc In oApp.Documents
40      If objDoc.Name = strFile Then
50          booFound = True
60          Exit For
70     End If
80  Next objDoc
90  If booFound = False Then
100     oApp.Documents.Open FileName:=strFullPath
110 End If

120  oApp.Visible = True
130  oApp.Activate
     'Bring the doc to front
140  oApp.WindowState = vbNormal
150  Set oApp = Nothing

Exit_Func: Exit Function
    Select Case Err.Number
         Case 429
            'Open Word as it is not opened yet
            Set oApp = CreateObject(Class:="Word.Application")
            Resume Next
         Case Else
            'Prevent 'Command failed' message if user wants to cancel
            'opening the doc because it is already opened by another user
            If Err.Number = 4198 And Erl = 100 Then
                Resume Exit_Func
            End If
            msgbox "Error " & Err.Number & ": " & _
                    Err.Description & " Line " & Erl
            Resume Exit_Func
    End Select
End Function 

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