Criteria in query <> isn't working with multiple codes

I have a query and in one field I am looking for all of the codes, except 6.  
There are too many codes to say I only want to see these...In the criteria I 
have entered it as <>AB, or <>CD, etc.  I have also tried going down the rows 
for "or" but none of this has worked.  It will only work with one code.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can you tell me why this isn't working?

6/15/2007 4:20:00 PM
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It is working, it just isn't doing what you expected.  If a code is AB
it is true that it is <>AB or <>CD, because it is not CD.  I think you
are looking for <>AB AND <>CD, etc.  You could also use in, for
example not in ("AB","CD","ETC")

On Jun 15, 12:20 pm, TJAC <> wrote:
> I have a query and in one field I am looking for all of the codes, except 6.
> There are too many codes to say I only want to see these...In the criteria I
> have entered it as <>AB, or <>CD, etc.  I have also tried going down the rows
> for "or" but none of this has worked.  It will only work with one code.
> Does anyone have any suggestions or can you tell me why this isn't working?
> Thanks!

6/15/2007 4:26:40 PM

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