Choosing a field's record based on date

Hi.  I am newish to Access and have a question.  My friends familiar
with Access don't know the answer to this one either.  I feel like it
is just on the tip of my brain but I can't get it.

How can I select an item in a table based on the date?  For example,
an employee may have many hourly wages listed by date of hire and
subsequent raises.

How do I pick the right wage based on a given date?  (Looking back at
labor reports, I want to solve this question:  On this day the
employee worked 10.5 hours.  What did he earn?)

I have an employee list table and a linked wages table that shows wage
and effective date of any new wage:
Rick, 5/5/07, $12.50
Rick, 9/5/07, $13.25
Rick, 2/15/08, $15.00

How do I have Access, or a querry or whatever choose which wage to
apply for a given date.  Say, show the correct wage for 5-1-07,
10/25/07, and 3/2/08.  Ultimately I want to run a query that will say:

Date,           employee,     hours worked,     wage,           pay
10/25/07,          Rick,               10.5,         $13.25,

Any help and however you want to show me is great.  If it can be done
in an SQL statement, a logical expression, or QBE example - I'll take

Thanks in advance!
3/14/2008 12:43:26 AM
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I've answered this in 2 other places where you posted it.
3/14/2008 4:26:47 AM

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