Cannot open earlier version of access database

I'm trying to open Northwind database with MS Access 2003.  The problem is 
that a dialog box appears prompting me to go to Database > Tools > Convert 
Database, however, the dialog box re-appears over a couple of times and 
disallows the user from doing anything within MS Access.
10/30/2007 8:42:03 AM
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If you are getting the Convert dialog you will need to convert the database 
to the version that you are working in and save it and then open it next time 
instead of the original file.  During the convert process it will not change 
the original file.  It will make a NEW copy for you to use.  

I wonder why you are getting the convert message.  Where did you get your 
copy of the Northwind Database?  It should be on your own machine under your 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Samples  or C:\Program 
Files\Microsoft Office\Office 11\Samples folder.  That would be the copy that 
shipped with Office 2003.
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"Jon" wrote:

> I'm trying to open Northwind database with MS Access 2003.  The problem is 
> that a dialog box appears prompting me to go to Database > Tools > Convert 
> Database, however, the dialog box re-appears over a couple of times and 
> disallows the user from doing anything within MS Access.
11/3/2007 3:54:00 PM

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