Can't see window toolbars and cant access switchboard -how 2 fix?

A designer took off the ability to use the main toolbar or view the 
switchboard, therefore can't update linked tables now that we're moving the 
database to a new server. Is there a way to re-enable these toolbars or 
update the link to the new location a different way? Thanks
11/12/2007 4:43:02 PM
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Try pressing and holding the Shift key while opening the database.  Unless 
the designer removed this option you will by able to bypass the startup 
options, which means you will see the default toolbar and the database 
window, and will be able to make design changes.

"Suzanne" <> wrote in message
>A designer took off the ability to use the main toolbar or view the
> switchboard, therefore can't update linked tables now that we're moving 
> the
> database to a new server. Is there a way to re-enable these toolbars or
> update the link to the new location a different way? Thanks 

11/12/2007 6:36:30 PM
First for something easy: Try pressing the F11 and see if you can see the 
database window.

Next try going up to Tools, Options, View tab and see what options are there.
Jerry Whittle, Microsoft Access MVP 
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"Suzanne" wrote:

> A designer took off the ability to use the main toolbar or view the 
> switchboard, therefore can't update linked tables now that we're moving the 
> database to a new server. Is there a way to re-enable these toolbars or 
> update the link to the new location a different way? Thanks
11/12/2007 6:48:01 PM

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