can't delete a corrupt record in a access 2007 table?

Access 2007 program but Access 2000 File format, Can't delete a corrupt 
record in a table, weird symbols, search error.  

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2/14/2008 5:20:09 PM
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I'm assuming that you tried a compact and repair.

Are the weird symbols in a memo field? If so, here's what to try.

1. Make a complete backup of the database mdb file(s) and put away for safe 

2. Create a query that excludes the particular problem record. Include all 
fields or use the * wildcard. You need a primary key for this to work so that 
you know exactly which record. An autonumber field is best if you don't 
already have a PK. After running the query to ensure the proper records are 
returned, change it to a Make Table query and run it.

3. Next change the query back to a Select query. This time only search for 
the problem record. Make sure that all fields show EXCEPT for the problem 
field. Run it to make sure. Then change the query to an append query and 
append the bad record to the table that you just created.

4. Delete the corrupt table. Rename the new table with the same name as the 
old one. You might have problems if there are relationships involved.

5. Create a new database and import everything from the old database. Use 
this DB in the future.

Tony Toews has an excellent web page on database corruption.

Allen Brown also has excellent info on corruption.

I have a white paper in a Word document named Fix Corrupt Access Database 
towards the bottom this page:
Jerry Whittle, Microsoft Access MVP 
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"Todd" wrote:

> Access 2007 program but Access 2000 File format, Can't delete a corrupt 
> record in a table, weird symbols, search error.  
2/14/2008 5:37:02 PM

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