Calculate Time Using Minutes and Seconds Only

I am trying to calculate a race time using just Mins and Secs to give the 
overall  race time . How can I format my fields to show only mins and secs 
without Access trying to convert to Hour Mins and secs when the mins are 60 
or more.

3/19/2008 2:21:06 PM
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On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 07:21:06 -0700, Val@AGIS
<> wrote:

>I am trying to calculate a race time using just Mins and Secs to give the 
>overall  race time . How can I format my fields to show only mins and secs 
>without Access trying to convert to Hour Mins and secs when the mins are 60 
>or more.

Access Date/Time fields are designed for storing a specific point in time, and
not really suitable for storing durations. For something like a race time, I'd
really suggest storing it in a Number field storing the total seconds (which
you can derive using DateDiff("s", [starttime], [endtime]) if you have fields
for those points). 

If you only want accuracy to the nearest second, you can use Long Integer
(default) numbers; if sub-second accuracy is needed use a Double.

To display a racetime in minutes and seconds use an expression like

[racetime] \ 60 & Format([racetime] - 60*([racetime] \ 60), ":00")

Use ":00.00" as the format for hundredths of a second.

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
3/19/2008 4:29:23 PM

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