Apply changes on a form


I have a form with textbox and a button and I would like to apply the 
changes to the textbox as soon as the user clicks the button before the user 
changes the record or close the form

Thank you,

Samuel Shulman
SBS Technologies Ltd
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6/17/2007 2:05:53 PM
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Try code like the following for the button's Click event:

Private Sub MyButton_Click
  Me.Dirty = False
End Sub

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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"Samuel" <> wrote in message 
> Hi
> I have a form with textbox and a button and I would like to apply the 
> changes to the textbox as soon as the user clicks the button before the 
> user changes the record or close the form
> Thank you,
> Samuel
> -- 
> Samuel Shulman
> SBS Technologies Ltd
> 07917 447730

6/17/2007 2:33:21 PM

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