ADP in A2007 Runtime: Traditional binding of form to stored procedure taking no parameters no longer works - 147881

Forms in ADP can have a stored procedure as the RecordSource.
Traditionally we could write: RecordSource="dbo.EmployeesList"  (or
use the RecordSourceQualifier to specify "dbo").
On A2007 runtime this no longer works: The record source
'EmployeeList' specified on this form or report does not exist.
On A2007 (with or without the /runtime command line switch) it does

The only workaround I have found so far is to put the entire
expression in the RecordSource property like this: "exec
dbo.EmployeesList". I don't think this is an intentional change by
Here is why I think this is a bug: SQL Server Profiler is recording:
SELECT * FROM "dbo"."EmployeesList"
Sounds to me like Access is thinking it's a view rather than a sproc.

I have put a backup of the NorthwindCS database and the ADP here:
These files are identical to the ones that shipped with A2000, with
the addition of the EmployeesByID and EmployeesList sprocs, and a few
test buttons on the Main Switchboard. Just like with the original
NorthwindCS, you may have to fix up the database connection before it
opens properly.

I know there is a bug in the A2007 runtime. Clint Covington wrote on
Jul-20: "There is a known bug where reports don't work in ADPs. We are
working on a QFE for the issue."  That was 2 months ago, and I think
the QFE hasn't been released yet. I'm also not at all sure it will fix
this issue, if indeed it is a bug.

My questions:
* Can you confirm the behavior I am describing?
* Is this a bug?
* Any better workarounds than the one I described above?
9/27/2007 2:25:36 AM
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