Access 2007 pivot - how to calculate eg P/L marings both in curr &

I have a complex query that is based on ERP data exports. I am supporting a 
multi-dimensional matrix organization. A pivot table would be a perfect tool 
for analysing sales, margins, and changes for different business units. I 
have been using Excel pivots a lot and also in this case started with excel. 
However, the amount of data and usability of reports limits the possibility 
to distributing information in excel.

With Excel I was able to all the tricks especially using the calculated item 
functionality, which is missing from the access pivot component. What I would 
like to have as results, is the following:

Page filters (could be used also as column fields):
Business unit, Period, Product category

Row fields:
P/L accounts e.g.
 - Net sales
 - Cost of goods sold
 - Administration costs
 - Capital costs

 - Value in local currency

What I would like to have is calculated Gross margin after Net sales and 
Cost of goods sold. In addition total results after all accounts. (this is 
heavily simplified example though).

I can create the above Gross margin using grouping, which is not the nicest 
solution, but ok still. However, getting a Gross margin as % of Net sales 
seems to be impossible. I've tried without success creating a caculated Total 
and detail fields, which would calculate the percentage. I've been trying to 
figure out a way to precalculate something in the underlying query, but did 
not figure out a clever way.

The query results are roughly the following.
Period - P/L Account - Value in currency - Business unit - Product category
5/18/2010 8:26:01 AM
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