Access 2007 12-17-09

I am building a contact data base for my church. How do I get the phone field 
to automatically format like this (xxx) xxx-xxxx when the numbers are typed 
in the cell?
Thank You
12/17/2009 1:51:02 PM
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In the form design view select the phone control and open the properties 
dialog.  Goto the Data tab and use the Input Mask to define the format you 
wish to use.  If you click on the ... to the right hand side on the property 
you will get another dialog where there are predefined input mask or you can 
define your own.

For instance, I use 

!\(999") "000\-0000;0;_

to format my telephone controls, but you may wish a different format 
depending on your exact needs.  You can look up Input Mask in the help or 
even on google to gets tons more information on the subject.
Hope this helps,

Daniel Pineault
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"Bishop" wrote:

> I am building a contact data base for my church. How do I get the phone field 
> to automatically format like this (xxx) xxx-xxxx when the numbers are typed 
> in the cell?
> -- 
> Thank You
12/17/2009 2:35:02 PM

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