Report Footer 02-11-10

I'm trying to add some text into a report footer. I want the footer to appear 
at the bottom of the page no matter what. Right now it appears just after the 
details section, on the last page of the report.

Is there an easy way for me to force the report footer to the bottom of the 
page (like the page footer is)?
2/11/2010 4:06:01 PM
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On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 08:06:01 -0800, RSteph wrote:

> I'm trying to add some text into a report footer. I want the footer to appear 
> at the bottom of the page no matter what. Right now it appears just after the 
> details section, on the last page of the report.
> Is there an easy way for me to force the report footer to the bottom of the 
> page (like the page footer is)?

If it's just a matter of one or two text boxes you wish to print just
on the last page of the report you can add a control to the Page
Footer that calculates [Pages], 
i.e. = "Page " & [Page] & " of " & [Pages]
You can make this control not visible if you don't wish to display the
page numbers.
Add the 2 controls to the Page Footer, [Control1] and [Control2].

Then simply code the Page Footer Format event:
Me.[Control1].Visible = Me.[Page] = [Pages]
Me.[Control2].Visible = Me.[Page] = [Pages]

Those 2 controls will only become visible on the last page of the
report (in the Page Footer section).

If you have "lot's" of controls in the report Footer, then:

Make your report as you normally would with the Page Footer and Report

Make sure there is a control set to = [Page] & " of " & [Pages] in the
Page Footer.

Then for each control you wish to display on the final page footer,
place an unbound control where it should display.
Set each of these controls Visible properties to No.
(Do not disturb the controls you want to normally display at the
bottom of each page.

Next code the Report' Page Footer Format event:
If [Page] = [Pages] Then
    [PageFooterControlName1] = [ReportFooterControlName1]
    [PageFooterControlName1].Visible = True
    ' Do the same for each other ReportFooter control you wish to show
in the Page Footer.
End If

If you have other controls in the page footer that you do not wish to
display on the final page, set them to Not Visible in the Page Footer

You must leave enough Page Footer Height to print these controls.
I see no reason you can't stack these controls on top of your regular
page footer controls and turn Visible properties on and off as

Next code the Report Footer's Format event:
Cancel = True

Then code the Report Header Format event:

 [PageFooterControlName1].Visible = False
 ' Do the same for each other ReportFooter control you wish to show
in the Page Footer.

The Report Footer information should display at the bottom of the
report where the Page footer normally does.

Please respond only to this newsgroup.
I do not reply to personal e-mail
2/11/2010 5:41:09 PM

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