Macro recording the design of a report using report wizard

Can I record the steps/procedures when creating a MS Access report using the 
Report Wizard? Reason for this, I have a dynamite query for the report and 
the field names in the query is different each time when executed. I acn not 
put the statis column name in teh report. 

3/4/2008 6:24:29 AM
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Some of the other Access apps can record macros, but Access does not do 

There are times when the field names change - particularly with crosstabs. 
But it might be possible to alias the fields in the query, or design it so 
that the names don't constantly change. If that is not possible, you may 
have to save the report with unbound controls, and write code in the 
report's Open event to determine the actual fields and assign the 
ControlSource of the text boxes, moving and resizing them as needed and 
hiding the unused ones.

Before you go to that trouble, the most common reason we see convoluted 
reports is that the person who designed the database did not normalize it 
correctly. Breaking down a table with many fields into related tables with 
many records might solve all the problems.

If you are not sure what normalization is, you could try the Table Analyzer 
in Access. In Access 2007, it's on the Database Tools tab of the ribbon; in 
earlier versions it's on the Tools menu.

If you want to read further, see #3 here:
The PDF for 'Normalizing Data' explains the basic.
Further reading:

Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP.  Perth, Western Australia
Tips for Access users -
Reply to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps dot org.

"Paul" <> wrote in message
> Can I record the steps/procedures when creating a MS Access report using 
> the Report Wizard? Reason for this, I have a dynamite query for the report 
> and the field names in the query is different each time when executed. I 
> acn not put the statis column name in teh report. 

3/4/2008 11:40:44 AM

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