Limit report to only amounts greater than an absolute value

In the footer section of the report, I have the following calculation


I would like for the report to only show those values > |100,000| (based on 
the above calculation)

How can I do that?
5/16/2007 8:41:01 PM
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Base your report on a query and set the condition you want in the criteria 
of an appropriate field.

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"Jim McC" <> wrote in message
> In the footer section of the report, I have the following calculation
> =Sum(nz([dateb])-nz([datea]))
> I would like for the report to only show those values > |100,000| (based 
> on
> the above calculation)
> How can I do that? 

5/17/2007 2:14:43 AM

In this case "Only Show" means

 In the footer section of the report, If the difference between 
=Sum(nz([dateb])-nz([datea])) is greater than |100,000| show the entire line. 
 If the Difference is less than |100,000| take that line off the report 
completely (i.e. that line basically disappears from the report.


"Duane Hookom" wrote:

> Your use of "only show" is confusing to me.
> If you just want to sum the values where difference between DateB and DateA 
> > 100000 then try something like:
> =Sum( Abs((nz([dateb],0)-nz([datea],0))>100000 ) * 
> (nz([dateb],0)-nz([datea],0)) )
> -- 
> Duane Hookom
> Microsoft Access MVP
> "Jim McC" wrote:
> > In the footer section of the report, I have the following calculation
> > 
> > =Sum(nz([dateb])-nz([datea]))
> > 
> > I would like for the report to only show those values > |100,000| (based on 
> > the above calculation)
> > 
> > How can I do that?
5/17/2007 1:50:00 PM

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