How to create report from Pivot Table View of Union Query?

Hi all,

I have create a Union ALL Query. I want to generate a report from it.
The Pivot Table View of this Union Query shows exactly what I want (having
Row Heading, Column Heading and Detailed Data), so how can I make it as a

I have tried to create new report, but there is no options of making a pivot
(something like Crosstab Query and Pivot Table View of the Union Query).

Also tried to export to Excel, but it shows only count of records. 
I want all detailed records.

Thank you.

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3/28/2007 3:27:07 AM
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Hi Duane,

I tried to create a crosstab query, but it allows to show only the First OR
the Last records.
That is NOT what I want. I want to show all records (detailed data).
Therefore, I did not generate report from the crosstab query.

In other words, if the crosstab query can show ALL records instead of count,
sum, and average, etc,
I can be able to make the crosstab query from the Union ALL (source datatable)
and then create report from this crosstab query. Is that correct?

If the crosstab query cannot show all records,
can I create report based on the Pivot Table View of the Union ALL query?
I want to have Row Heading, Column Heading and then detailed data in the
print layout.

Thank you very much for your advice.


Duane Hookom wrote:
>Have you tried creating a crosstab query and then a report based on the 
>crosstab? There are a couple solutions available for created reports from 
>> Hi all,
>[quoted text clipped - 11 lines]
>> Thank you.

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3/28/2007 4:29:17 AM

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