Help needed creating a more compact report

In Microsoft Access 2000, I have a multi-column report that currently prints
like this:

Abel St
Agate St
   319 Apt 15
   319 Apt 208

I want to create a report that prints in a much more compact format, like
Abel St:  1705, 1719
Agate St:   200, 319 (#15, #208), 405

What do I need to do?  And if this question has been answered before, what
would I search on to find the answer?  I looked around but couldn't find it.

Anders Schneiderman

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7/23/2007 4:34:08 PM
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Anders_S via wrote:

>In Microsoft Access 2000, I have a multi-column report that currently prints
>like this:
>Abel St
>   1705
>   1719
>Agate St
>   200
>   319 Apt 15
>   319 Apt 208
>   405
>I want to create a report that prints in a much more compact format, like
>Abel St:  1705, 1719
>Agate St:   200, 319 (#15, #208), 405

You need to use a finction like:'Generic%20Function%20To%20Concatenate%20Child%20Records'
to construct the number list.

Assuming all the data is in one table, the report's record
source query could look like:

SELECT street, Concatenate("Select number From table Where
street = """ & Street &"""")
FROM table
GROUP BY street

MVP [MS Access]
7/23/2007 7:02:06 PM
Thanks, Marshall!  Now all I need is a little help getting with the last step.

In addition to combining house numbers
Agate St:  200, 319, 405

I also want to combine apartment numbers:
Agate St:   200, 319 (#15, #208), 405

I can't figure out how to do that using the function.  Given that I'm nesting
twice -- GROUPing both by street number and apartment unmber -- do I need to
switch to using VBA to write the report?  If so, where can I find an example
of something similar?  If I don't need to, how do I pull this off?


Marshall Barton wrote:
>>In Microsoft Access 2000, I have a multi-column report that currently prints
>>like this:
>[quoted text clipped - 13 lines]
>>Abel St:  1705, 1719
>>Agate St:   200, 319 (#15, #208), 405
>You need to use a finction like:
>to construct the number list.
>Assuming all the data is in one table, the report's record
>source query could look like:
>SELECT street, Concatenate("Select number From table Where
>street = """ & Street &"""")
>FROM table
>GROUP BY street

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7/30/2007 12:50:00 PM

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