Grouping and printing labels

Using Access 2007. I have a very simple query with the following

FamID, FamName, StudLast, StudFirst, StudRoom, StudGrd

I've previously created several reports based on this query, grouping
on the FamID field, then sorting the students by their grade in the
detail. Works just fine to pull into various letter-size documents.
This is what I get:

Page #1
Blah blah text
FamName    FamID
1StudFirst 1StudLast   1StudRoom
2StudFirst 2StudLast   2StudRoom
3StudFirst 3StudLast   3StudRoom
Blah blah text

Page #2
Blah blah text
FamName    FamID
1StudFirst  1StudLast  1StudRoom
Blah blah text

....and so on.

My trouble is when I attempt to print on labels, Avery 5160 to be
precise, which are 3 across by 10 down. If I just use the label wizard
the label formatting looks great, but then I get individual labels for
each student and I need the family name and all students grouped on
one label. (I've made sure they all fit vertically, e.g., there are
not too many students to fit on a single label under one family
group.) In other words, in place of Page #1 and Page #2 above, I need
it to be Label #1 and Label #2. Grouping seems to throw the fixed
label size all out of whack.

Any ideas how to make this work?

Thanks much,

When I change to group by family, I can't seem to control the label
size any longer.

8/28/2007 6:03:42 PM
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