Form filter with multi-column combo box in report

I have a form containing some text fields (orders) as well as a combo box 
(customer id and name).

The record source of the form is a query joining the two tables order and 
The control source of the combo box is the customer id from the above 
mentioned query.
The row source of the combo box is the customer table, containing the two 
columns id and name.

The first column of the combo box, the id, is bound.

The report contains the same fields as the form. The two columns of the 
customer form combo box are represented in the report as two text boxes.

The record source of the report is the same query as the one of the form.
The control source of the two customer text boxes is the customer id and the 
customer name from the above mentioned query.

If the width of both columns in the customer combo box is greater than 0, I 
can set a form filter on that control and then generate the report with the 
same filter. No problem there.

But if the width of the bound column is zero (as the users are interested in 
the customer names, not their id), I am asked to “enter parameter value” for 
the customer name before the report is generated. The report is then 
generated with no records at all.

How can I generate a report based on a form filter with multi-column combo 
boxes when the width of the bound column is 0?

If this does not work at all, does somebody have an idea for a workaround?

Any help is appreciated!
2/10/2010 1:05:01 PM
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