Counting Blanks in Non Numeric Fields

I am trying to see how many blank spaces employees leave when filling out a 
particular form. These fields are generally non numeric, though there are a 
few check boxes too. Is there an equation I can use in the report footer that 
would add up the total number of blanks? The goal would be to use that 
information and divide it by the total number of fields to produce a 
percentage of complete forms. 
Many thanks,
4/8/2010 6:26:05 PM
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You'll need to decide what constitutes a "blank".

If someone enters something, then deletes it, is that a "blank"?

If someone skips past a field, is that a blank?

If someone tabs into a field and presses the spacebar, is that a blank 
(looks like one to humans!)?

You could probably use code in a BeforeUpdate event for the form to check 
for fields that had not been (?properly?) completed... but that's on a 
one-by-one basis.

You could probably use a query against the table itself to count records 
that had (your definition of) blanks in fields, any of the fields.

If you created another query that counted all records, you could calculate 
total w/ any blanks divided by total.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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"caro" <> wrote in message
>I am trying to see how many blank spaces employees leave when filling out a
> particular form. These fields are generally non numeric, though there are 
> a
> few check boxes too. Is there an equation I can use in the report footer 
> that
> would add up the total number of blanks? The goal would be to use that
> information and divide it by the total number of fields to produce a
> percentage of complete forms.
> Many thanks,
> Caro 

4/8/2010 6:38:00 PM

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