Choosing records to print based on latest revision

I have a training matrix that has the following fields:
     Date trained

There can be multiple revisions for the same procedure.  I would like to 
print a report by procedure that only shows the latest rev number.  How would 
I do this?

7/13/2007 8:50:01 PM
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"madmckenna" <> wrote in message
>I have a training matrix that has the following fields:
>     Procedure
>     Employee
>     Rev
>     Date trained
> There can be multiple revisions for the same procedure.  I would like to
> print a report by procedure that only shows the latest rev number.  How 
> would
> I do this?
> Thanks!

When I've done is to create a query that returns the max Rev value, such as:

SELECT Procedure,Max(Rev)
FROM [table]
GROUP BY Procedure;

Then I create a second query that returns all fields:

SELECT query.Procedure,table.Employee,query.Rev,table.[Date trained]
FROM [query] LEFT JOIN [table] ON [table].Procedure=[query].Procedure;

This should return only the records for the maximum Rev for each Procedure.

Carl Rapson

7/13/2007 9:43:45 PM

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