Avereging the Subtotals in Reports

I am trying to do this in the Reports. 
Lets say, in the details, there are different account numbers with 
corresponding balances.  These balances are totalled in the footer of that 
Group (month)  =Sum([balances]).  Then, I need to Average all the monthly 
totals in the footer of the Report.  In the report footer, if i use 
=Avg([balances]) , it averages ALL the details, NOT the monthly totals.
Any help?  thanks.

1/7/2010 9:08:02 PM
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I would create a totals query that can be added to the report's record source 
query. For instance, if you want to find the Average of the Monthly Freight 
values from the Orders table in Northwind, the SQL would be:

SELECT Avg(MthlyFreightAvg) as TheAvg
(SELECT Format([OrderDate],"yyyymm") AS YrMth, Avg(Orders.Freight) AS 
FROM Orders
GROUP BY Format([OrderDate],"yyyymm")) Q;

You can then save and add this query to your report's record source.

Duane Hookom
Microsoft Access MVP

"Ferdie" wrote:

> I am trying to do this in the Reports. 
> Lets say, in the details, there are different account numbers with 
> corresponding balances.  These balances are totalled in the footer of that 
> Group (month)  =Sum([balances]).  Then, I need to Average all the monthly 
> totals in the footer of the Report.  In the report footer, if i use 
> =Avg([balances]) , it averages ALL the details, NOT the monthly totals.
> Any help?  thanks.
1/7/2010 9:17:02 PM

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