Access 2007 ControlSource code in Report causing shut down

The following code worked successfully in Access 2002 & 2003 but for some 
reason, the lines that contain ControlSource are causing Access 2007 to shut 
down and error out.  Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.  
In short, I’m using a combo box on a form “ReportCenter” to change the 
GroupLevel and textbox values on a report.  If I comment out the lines with 
ControlSource the code runs successfully, if any one of them are uncommented, 
Access 2007 shuts down and restarts.

'Group 1
If Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupCheck1 = True And 
Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupDescendCheck1 = False Then
    'Me.GroupLevel(0).ControlSource = Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupOption1
    'Me.Group0_H1.ControlSource = Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupOption1

    Me.Group0_H3.Caption = Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupOption1
    Me.Group0_H2.Visible = False
    Me.Group0_H3.Visible = True

    Me.Group0_F1.ControlSource = Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupOption1
    Me.Group0_F3.Caption = Forms![ReportCenter]!T2GroupOption1
    Me.Group0_F2.Visible = False
    Me.Group0_F3.Visible = True

End If

10/24/2007 6:25:27 PM
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