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Why can't access just read my mind.  It would be easier.

I have 2 table 
     tblStudents-Stores Name, ID#s, Ethnicity, Etc
     tblTests - Stores which particular tests the students should take Math, 
Reading, Science Etc.

Currently tblTests is empty.  I would like to set up a query that links the 
tblStudents with tblTests via the LocID number with all records from 
tblStudent showing.  LocIDis the primary key for both tables.  When I tried 
to link them it makes the query uneditable.  I looked on the site and tried 
to include all the fields from tblTests and only last and first name from 
tblStudents, to no avail.

Anyone willing to attempt it?

SELECT tblStudents.Last, tblStudents.First, tblWatch.ID, tblWatch.LocID, 
tblWatch.StudentWatch, tblWatch.MathWatch, tblWatch.ReadWatch, 
tblWatch.WriteWatch, tblWatch.SciWatch, tblWatch.SSWatch, 
tblWatch.NewStuWatch, tblWatch.Watch2, tblWatch.Watch3
FROM tblWatch RIGHT JOIN tblStudents ON tblWatch.LocID = tblStudents.LocID;

Thanks As Always
9/10/2007 6:48:12 PM
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On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:48:12 -0700, Ripper <Ripper@discussions.microsoft.com>

>Why can't access just read my mind.  It would be easier.
>I have 2 table 
>     tblStudents-Stores Name, ID#s, Ethnicity, Etc
>     tblTests - Stores which particular tests the students should take Math, 
>Reading, Science Etc.

You need THREE tables, not two, if each student should take multiple tests. 

  StudentID <Primary Key>
  <other biographical data>

  TestID <primary Key>
  TestName <e.g. Math, Reading, ...>
   <other info about the test itself>

  StudentID <link to tblStudents>
  TestID <link to tblTests>
  <other info about THIS student and THIS test, e.g. date needed, date taken,
score on the test, etc.>

You could use a Form based on tblStudents with a subform based on
tblRequirements to enter multiple tests per student.

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
9/11/2007 12:47:03 AM

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