Update and Append query


I am currently writing a stores inventory database and have nearly completed
it except for one issue. When a stock take is carried out the user will
update the stock levels via the Audit process. I have therefore written 2
queries. One is an update query which will update the QtyInStock field in the
tbl_parts to the new value. The append query will append the  tbl_parts to
the tbl_auditadj. I do this so that the user can interrogate the tbl_adjust
via a date range to see when and what parts were adjusted via the audit. In
the tbl_auditadj i have the following fields to record the new values


StockNewLevel is eqaul to txtAdj field on the form i use for updating the
stock level. What i also wish to do is record the old stock level in the
StockPrevious field. This will enable me to see what the changes are between
these 2 values and so know what the qty has been adjusted by. Unfortunately
the txtAdj field is being written to the StockPreviuos as well. Is there
anyway i can get the queries to "hold and write" the old stock level to the
StockPreviuos field. I presume this would be some VBA code but i am not sure
how to tackle it.

Hope this makes some kind of sense.


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