Trying to combine multiple records into one record in a Query

I am new to Access, and very little knowledge about SQL. I read allot about 
normalization, need to know if I went to far with it with my Family table. 
Here is the structures for the tables I have, and of the query I want to 

Contact Table:
tabContactID (Autonumber)
ContactID (Create using VBA in a form) (PK)

tabContactID    ContactID    FirstName    LastName    etc....
0001                  DonDuck      Donald            Duck
0002                  MicMouse    Mickey        Mouse

Next the Family Table:
tabFamID (Autonumber)(PK)
ContactID  (FK from Contact Table)


tabFamID    ContactID    FirstName    LastName    FamRelshp    Birthdate
0001             DonDuck      Daisey         Duck            Spouse
0002             DonDuck      Huey            Duck            Chld1
0003             DonDuck      Dewey          Duck            Chld2
0004            DonDuck      Lewey         Duck               Chld3
0005            MickMouse    Minnie        Mouse        Spouse

I would like to be able to create a Query, creating a single record for each 
family, using the multiple records based on the same field, ContactID.

A Query with each record as follows:

Or should I just set up the Family table like the above query.

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4/13/2010 4:01:41 PM
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Rich/rerat wrote:
>I am new to Access, and very little knowledge about SQL. I read allot about 
>normalization, need to know if I went to far with it with my Family table. 

No, you did not go too far.

>Here is the structures for the tables I have, and of the query I want to 
>Contact Table:
>tabContactID (Autonumber)
>ContactID (Create using VBA in a form) (PK)

That tabContactID field is not serving any purpose and
should be deleted.  Just make sure you can differentiate two
ContactIDs for different folks with similar names (eg.
Michel Mouse, unrelated to Mickey).

>tabContactID    ContactID    FirstName    LastName    etc....
>0001                  DonDuck      Donald            Duck
>0002                  MicMouse    Mickey        Mouse
>Next the Family Table:
>tabFamID (Autonumber)(PK)
>ContactID  (FK from Contact Table)
>tabFamID    ContactID    FirstName    LastName    FamRelshp    Birthdate
>0001             DonDuck      Daisey         Duck            Spouse
>0002             DonDuck      Huey            Duck            Chld1
>0003             DonDuck      Dewey          Duck            Chld2
>0004            DonDuck      Lewey         Duck               Chld3
>0005            MickMouse    Minnie        Mouse        Spouse
>I would like to be able to create a Query, creating a single record for each 
>family, using the multiple records based on the same field, ContactID.
>A Query with each record as follows:
>Or should I just set up the Family table like the above query.

No, leave the tables as is.

Take a step back and rethink why you want to have such a
query.  You can easily display the family data using a
subform or subreport without using that kind of query so I
don't see any reason for what you think you want to do.

MVP [MS Access]
4/13/2010 5:21:49 PM

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