Total line makes query too complex

So I have created my functions to calculate the expected deduction per 
deduction per agent number per account number. The problem I am having now is 
that I need to sum up the deductions per agent number per account number. 
(Each agent may have multiple deductions in the account.) I was working on 
this DSum, but am getting a not defined error on DeductConcate:

Public Function ExpectedDeductionsSum() As Variant

ExpectedDeductionsSum = DSum("[ExpectedDeductionsToDate]", 
"[qryExpectedDeductions]", "[DeductConcate] = '" & [DeductConcate] & "'")

End Function

The final function that combines the others:

Public Function ExpectedDeductions(CurrentLookup As String, 
FinalStartMonthLookup As String, FinalNoMonths As String, FinalMoDeduction As 
Currency, FinalTotalDeduction As Currency) As Currency

'Determine Expected Deductions

If ((CurrentLookup - FinalStartMonthLookup) + 1) <= 0 Then
    ExpectedDeductions = 0
    If ((CurrentLookup - FinalStartMonthLookup) + 1) > 0 And ((CurrentLookup 
- FinalStartMonthLookup) + 1) < FinalNoMonths Then
        ExpectedDeductions = ((CurrentLookup - FinalStartMonthLookup) + 1) * 
        ExpectedDeductions = FinalTotalDeduction
    End If
End If

End Function

CurrentLookup is a DLookup entered into the expression

Public Function FinalStartMonthLookup(FinalStartMonth As String) As String

'Determine the Start Month Lookup from the Months table

FinalStartMonthLookup = "SELECT [Months.MonthIndex] " & _
    "FROM [Months] " & _
    "WHERE [Months.Month] = '" & FinalStartMonth & "' " & _
    "ORDER BY [Months.MonthIndex];"

End Function

Public Function FinalNoMonths(ONoMonths As Variant, UNoMonths As Variant, 
UpdatedMonth As Boolean) As Variant

'Determine Final Number of Months for each deduction
If UpdatedMonth = True Then
    FinalNoMonths = UNoMonths
    FinalNoMonths = ONoMonths

End If

End Function

Public Function FinalMoDeduction(OMoDeduction As Variant, UMoDeduction As 
Variant, UpdatedMonth As Boolean) As Variant

    If UpdatedMonth = True Then
        FinalMoDeduction = UMoDeduction
        FinalMoDeduction = OMoDeduction
    End If
End Function

Public Function FinalTotalDeduction(OTotalDeduction As Variant, 
UTotalDeduction As Variant, UpdatedMonth As Boolean) As Variant

    If UpdatedMonth = True Then
     FinalTotalDeduction = UTotalDeduction
     FinalTotalDeduction = OTotalDeduction
    End If

End Function

I have tried to create a query and use the Total line to Group By the agent 
number / account number and Sum the deduction amount, but it is too complex. 
Any other suggestions?


1/7/2010 8:51:02 PM
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