Sum Calculation Incorrect


I've got a problem that I don't even know where to start for fixing it. I
have a Query, qryPortfolio which has a field MVbase. Another field Type can
be 'Equities' 'Cash' or 'Options'. If I filter on Options and group
everything to just get one figure for the sum of MVbase, it comes up with a
figure that is incorrect, as in, if I export the data to excel, excel comes
up with the correct sum but access won't.

It seems it's leaving out certain numbers (though I can't narrow it to exact
records...) all the numbers involved are doubles so I can't work out why this
is happening...any ideas what could possibly cause this to calculate
incorrectly? Does the same incorrect calculation as Sum on reports too....


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HI Dale,

Thanks for your reply. The figures are off by around 1.3 million (similar
amounts over two days of data) so not a rounding issue. The other ones work
fine for Type and calculate correctly, I know excel is correct becaused added
them up manually too. If I display the records in the query or report and
then add them up manually I get what excel gets, it's literally only
malfunctioning when aggregating into a sum...its really strange...

Dale Fye wrote:
>How much off are the two calculations?  How do you know that Excel is correct 
>and not Access.
>Many double precision numbers wil contain round-off errors.  Do you have the 
>same computational problem when you filter on one of the other "Type" values?
>> Hi,
>[quoted text clipped - 11 lines]
>> Thanks.

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6/20/2007 12:58:14 PM

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