Request between week ending date

I am currently using a query that request a "start date" and an "end date", I 
would like to change the request to "Week ending date" and include 
information 7 day back. What would I have to change to get this information?
10/18/2007 6:32:01 AM
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In the Criteria row under your date field, you currently have:
    Between [start date] And [end date]

    Between [week ending date] - 6 And [week ending date]

It is always a good idea to declare date parameters.
In query design view, choose Parameters on the Query menu.
Enter into the dialog:
    [week ending date]                Date/Time

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"Nick" <> wrote in message
>I am currently using a query that request a "start date" and an "end date", 
> would like to change the request to "Week ending date" and include
> information 7 day back. What would I have to change to get this 
> information? 

10/18/2007 8:02:14 AM

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