Re order level

How can I select the records that fall in the re-order level from a
calculating field (sum in-sum out)showing the stock balance in an inventory
database?? I, m wrestling with it few days now unsuccesfully.

4/23/2007 1:53:20 AM
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I assume that you have a table separate from stock issue/replenishment 
records that includes the re-order level.  Join that table with the 
issue/replenishment records table on StockID and use criteria of   < 
[Re-order] on the Sum([On-Hand]) field.
Build a little - Test a little

"stevoo" wrote:

> How can I select the records that fall in the re-order level from a
> calculating field (sum in-sum out)showing the stock balance in an inventory
> database?? I, m wrestling with it few days now unsuccesfully.
> Thanks
4/23/2007 5:38:03 PM

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