please help with this query

Ost  Ocity   Dstate  Dcity  Carrier  Price  Rank  Diff
A      B          C         D       X        1200    1       100
A      B          C         D      Y        1300    2        100
A      B         C          D       Z        1350    3        100
A     B           C        D        W       1789    4        100
A1    B1         C1      D1      X1          785   1
A1    B1         C1      D1      Y1          789   2
The rank for every carrier  is based on the price .  If  rank1
is not a pariticular carrier(say if  it is not X1 or
Y1  or Z1), then i want to calculate the difference between  Price
corresponding to rank1 and price corresponding to rank2. and fill the
Diff column with the value. I want a query which can create that
difference coln ( last col) as  in the above example.  The first four
rows is one lane and the last two rows is another lane. For the
second set of lane, the diff col will be empty because tthe carrier is
Can somebody  please help me in writing this query.

Thanks in advance
2/19/2008 6:13:14 PM
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On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:13:14 -0800 (PST), subs <> wrote:

>Ost  Ocity   Dstate  Dcity  Carrier  Price  Rank  Diff
>A      B          C         D       X        1200    1       100
>A      B          C         D      Y        1300    2        100
>A      B         C          D       Z        1350    3        100
>A     B           C        D        W       1789    4        100
>A1    B1         C1      D1      X1          785   1
>A1    B1         C1      D1      Y1          789   2
>The rank for every carrier  is based on the price .  If  rank1
>is not a pariticular carrier(say if  it is not X1 or
>Y1  or Z1), then i want to calculate the difference between  Price
>corresponding to rank1 and price corresponding to rank2. and fill the
>Diff column with the value. I want a query which can create that
>difference coln ( last col) as  in the above example.  The first four
>rows is one lane and the last two rows is another lane. For the
>second set of lane, the diff col will be empty because tthe carrier is
>Can somebody  please help me in writing this query.
>Thanks in advance

Subbu, I think the reason nobody has posted a response is that your question
is very difficult to understand. You know what a "lane" is, but we don't. You
know how rank is determined, we don't. You understand how 1789 and 1350 can
produce a Diff of 100, but we don't. You know the special meaning of X1 but we
don't.  Could you explain a bit more about the nature of your data and the
             John W. Vinson [MVP]
2/19/2008 9:25:06 PM

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