Multi User Application

Hi to all,

I am new to access develop applications.
I created application for multi user idea I want my application can be 
accessed by multi users. So I want to know how to distribute or let them 
access from my computer.
I have static ip address and created application in shared the 
Users have access runtime 2007.
Access 2007 used to develop
5 users to connect the database application

Please guide me how multi users can access my application with all rights.

They can do data entry as well as run query/report.
2/12/2010 10:53:01 AM
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On Fri, 12 Feb 2010 02:53:01 -0800, Pankaj Michael
<> wrote:

You need to split your application in a front-end and a back-end. Then
deploy the back-end to a server (this could be a share on your
machine), and the front-end to each user's machine in your local area
If any of the above terminology is not clear to you, you can search
for it at

Microsoft Access MVP

>Hi to all,
>I am new to access develop applications.
>I created application for multi user idea I want my application can be 
>accessed by multi users. So I want to know how to distribute or let them 
>access from my computer.
>I have static ip address and created application in shared the 
>Users have access runtime 2007.
>Access 2007 used to develop
>5 users to connect the database application
>Please guide me how multi users can access my application with all rights.
>They can do data entry as well as run query/report.
2/12/2010 2:00:02 PM

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