Linking Check Boxes or List Box to Query

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me out here as I am pulling my hair out.

I have a form that has unbound fields as follows
Text Box - Start Date
Text Box - End Date
Combo Box - Call Type

and a button that runs the query which includes the fields
Call Date - Between [forms]![FrmMarketingStats]![txtCallDateStart] And 
Call Type - [forms]![FrmMarketingStats]![cboCallType]
Company (no criteria required)
Successful (this is the part I need help with)

The available options for Succesful are - Yes, No or n/a

I can achieve this by adding a combo box (cboSuccess) listing Yes, No or n/a 
and this works perfectly with the criteria 

BUT, what I really need is to be able to select multiple items, ie show me 
all calls that have Yes or No entered. I have inserted a Listbox and set it 
to accept multiple entries, but for some reason my query does not like 
this...... what do I do??? please can someone help me out here, I'm going 

1/27/2010 2:13:02 PM
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