limitation of characters in query?

I am trying to write a condition in my query using IIf statement and
the statement is quite long.
But I facing a problems that I am not able to type out all the
condition in the query.
Is there any limits for character type in the query field?

4/10/2007 2:10:02 AM
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On 9 Apr 2007 19:10:02 -0700, wrote:

>I am trying to write a condition in my query using IIf statement and
>the statement is quite long.
>But I facing a problems that I am not able to type out all the
>condition in the query.
>Is there any limits for character type in the query field?

Yes: 1024 bytes if I recall aright. Help for "Specifications" will get the
straight scoop.

Big complex nested IIF statements usually indicate either a need for another
table, or an alternative approach. The Switch() function can do multiple IF
conditions; it takes arguments in pairs, evaluates the pairs left to right,
and when it first encounters a pair where the first argument is TRUE it
returns the second of the pair.

If it's a multiple value lookup - consider creating a simple translation
table. You can replace

IIF(Code = 1, "A", IIF(Code = 2, "B", IIF(Code = 3, "C", IIF....))))))))))))

with a simple table with two fields, Code and Result; join this to your table
by Code and display the Result.

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
4/10/2007 5:19:50 AM

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