How to convert Null values to zero when create an average query - 127657

This is my crosstab query 

Items Worked	April 2010	   March 2010	Average

Reports                         2                     4                      
Tables                           5                                           
Files                              2                      2                  

As you can see, for "Tables" the query is giving me  an average of "5" 
instead "2.5" because is not counting the null value date.  How can I fix 
that?  the SQL query so far is this:

TRANSFORM Avg([Integrate Query].Total) AS AvgOfTotal
SELECT [Integrate Query].[Items Worked], Avg([Integrate Query].Total) AS 
[Total Of Total]
FROM [Integrate Query]
GROUP BY [Integrate Query].[Items Worked]
PIVOT [Integrate Query].[Date Worked By Month];

how can I change it?

4/15/2010 12:41:01 PM
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BB -

Look at the nz function, which will replace a null with any value you want 
(in this case zero):

nz([Integrate Query].Total,0)

Daryl S

"BB" wrote:

> This is my crosstab query 
> Items Worked	April 2010	   March 2010	Average
> Reports                         2                     4                      
>      3
> Tables                           5                                           
>        5
> Files                              2                      2                  
>          2
> As you can see, for "Tables" the query is giving me  an average of "5" 
> instead "2.5" because is not counting the null value date.  How can I fix 
> that?  the SQL query so far is this:
> TRANSFORM Avg([Integrate Query].Total) AS AvgOfTotal
> SELECT [Integrate Query].[Items Worked], Avg([Integrate Query].Total) AS 
> [Total Of Total]
> FROM [Integrate Query]
> GROUP BY [Integrate Query].[Items Worked]
> PIVOT [Integrate Query].[Date Worked By Month];
> how can I change it?
4/15/2010 1:36:01 PM

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