how do I setup a subcategory lookup based on category selected?

i'm setting up a table which has categories and subcategories. I want to do 
both with lookup listboxes in two seperate fields. I created another table 
with category and one of its subcategories for a two field table. There are 
records for all categories and their subcategories. I have the first lookup 
populated with just the categories. I'm having a problem generating a listbox 
with just the subcategories for the select category. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.
3/21/2008 12:49:01 AM
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"Brian" <> wrote in message
> i'm setting up a table which has categories and subcategories. I want to 
> do
> both with lookup listboxes in two seperate fields. I created another table
> with category and one of its subcategories for a two field table. There 
> are
> records for all categories and their subcategories. I have the first 
> lookup
> populated with just the categories. I'm having a problem generating a 
> listbox
> with just the subcategories for the select category. Any help would be
> greatly appreciated. 

3/21/2008 8:27:00 AM

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