Issue Refreshing/Requery Subform/combo box


I need to be able to refresh or requery (not sure which method is 
appropriate) a subform and combo box in the After Update event or via a 
command button.  I've used the below syntax but the combo box (in this case) 
does not get updated.




4/1/2010 5:27:02 PM
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Manuel wrote:
>I need to be able to refresh or requery (not sure which method is 
>appropriate) a subform and combo box in the After Update event or via a 
>command button.  I've used the below syntax but the combo box (in this case) 
>does not get updated.

Assuming the main form, subform control and combo box names
are correct, that should work.  Be sure to double check that
you are using the subform **control** name and not the
subform object name.

MVP [MS Access]
4/1/2010 5:47:18 PM

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