Import Historical Stock Data from Yahoo-Finance

For a long time I thought this was not possible, but I just read a post 
recently that makes me think that this probably IS possible.  Is there a way 
to import data from, into a table, if you store all stock 
symbols in a table, and put beginning and ending date in a form (in a couple 
of TextBoxes)?

I know how to do this in Excel, with all stock tickers in a row, like row 4 
(or whatever), and all the dates going in descending order in Column A, and 
each security’s historical prices under the symbols (which are in row 4, for 
instance).  The problem in Access is that this would need to have three 
fields, such as Date, Symbol, and Price, and the list would get very long 
(rather than wide, like the way it would be done in Excel).  I know the 
format would be similar to this:
3/19/2010, MSFT , 25.59
3/19/2010, SBUX, 24.97
3/19/2010, S, 3.76

Is there an easy way to get VBA to import this from the 


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3/19/2010 9:36:06 PM
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