Setting a parent form value based on a subform entry

Hi all,
I have a parent/child form setup, where selecting a value from a bound 
combobox within the subform datasheet should override another bound combobox 
in the parent.  All of the AfterUpdate code worked fine in an Access 2003 
MDB format, but when I try the same thing in an Access 2003 ADP project, I 
get the Jet error 7787 and the changes get flushed when the record gets 

The parent form field isn't 100% dependent on the selection in the subform - 
it just forces the overwrite to begin with, and then the user is free to 
change it afterwards.

Is there no way to push a value into a bound combobox in an Access 2003 ADP 


2/10/2010 10:47:34 PM
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