Refresh listbox from field being edited


I have a form containg several fields and also containing a list box.

I want the list box to respond while entering data (or modifying) one
of the fields.

I suppose I must trigger some event as keystrokes are being pressed.

The problem is that while editing the field it is not yet stored in
the table, so I can't retrieve it's date in order to set and apply a
filter to thre listbox.

How do I get the content of the field before it has been stored? And
what about the same in a new record?

H. Martins

9/3/2007 11:34:35 AM
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strictly speaking, forms don't "contain" fields in the sense you mean, a
form's RecordSource contains fields. the form contains *controls* that are
bound to fields in the form's RecordSource. that's a fine point, that
probably only really matters when what you're after, as in this instance, is
the value entered in the control - before it is written to the field in the

try refering to the control's Text property, rather than the default Value
property, as



"H. Martins" <> wrote in message
> Hi.
> I have a form containg several fields and also containing a list box.
> I want the list box to respond while entering data (or modifying) one
> of the fields.
> I suppose I must trigger some event as keystrokes are being pressed.
> The problem is that while editing the field it is not yet stored in
> the table, so I can't retrieve it's date in order to set and apply a
> filter to thre listbox.
> How do I get the content of the field before it has been stored? And
> what about the same in a new record?
> Thanks
> H. Martins

9/3/2007 4:05:40 PM

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