reference to master form

Hello there

I have master form and inside there is subform.

If an event procedure uccur on subform, how can i get refence to the master 
form in order to change there things when the name of the master form is 
diffrent always? 

6/24/2007 12:57:48 PM
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Look in Access HELP for the "Parent." property.

Your code will look something like:


from within the subform.


Jeff Boyce

Microsoft Office/Access MVP

Microsoft IT Academy Program Mentor

"Roy Goldhammer" <> wrote in message
> Hello there
> I have master form and inside there is subform.
> If an event procedure uccur on subform, how can i get refence to the
> form in order to change there things when the name of the master form is
> diffrent always?

6/24/2007 1:32:35 PM
On Sun, 24 Jun 2007 06:32:35 -0700, "Jeff Boyce"
<> wrote:

>Look in Access HELP for the "Parent." property.
>Your code will look something like:
>    Me.Parent....
>from within the subform.

If I may jump in here with related question...

What would be the proper way to code this human syntax from
the subform:

	If the main form is a new record, then subform field
	[PageNumber] (value) should be "1".

7/25/2007 10:05:57 PM

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