Recordset Not Updateable

I have set up an access database to track technical support and training 
services.  I'm pretty new to Access and Very new to VB programming.  I have 
hit a wall with something and have found no solution in help or on these 
discussion groups.  Here's what I'm attempting to do, from the user's 
perspective.  This process works great up to the very end, then things fall 
Let's say the user wants to look at all open support cases.  The user 
presses a button called "All Open Cases."  A very basic query runs, and the 
results are shown in a read-only (continuous) form (Form A).  To save space, 
not all of the data is shown on Form A.  There is a button next to each case 
labeled "View This Case."  If the user wants to drill down and view a 
particular case, the press that button.  When they do, another query runs.  
This query uses the following filter to get a hold of the proper record:
[forms]![formname]![fieldname] *Note: The field being queried by this filter 
is on Form A, which is currently OPEN.
From that query, another form opens (Form B) which displays all of the 
fields within the selected record.  Here's where my problem lies.  Form B is 
meant to be editable.  However, the status bar states, "This Recordset is not 
updatable."  Thus, no edits can be made.  I've been wrestling with this for a 
while now so in the interest of not repeating steps, here's what I've 
troubleshot so far (to the best of my memory).
- The data is updateable directly from the query if it is run without the 
forms getting involved.
- I can update data using Form B if it is NOT opened via the method 
described above.  In other words, if I'm at the Forms Menu, I can open Form 
B, the query runs, asks me to provide the filter data, then opens the form.  
The recordset is updateable from here.  This form ONLY breaks when it is 
invoked via the method above.
- I have checked all of the form and field settings.  No locks, open for 
editing, all that jazz.
- I have established relationships between all tables, queries, etc.
- I have tried removing controls (drop-downs) that are pulled from other 
tables (read that idea somewhere).
- I wrote a simple code to close Form A when it opens Form B.  This failed 
because now the query does not have a place to search for the filter data as 
described above..
I suspect that this problem is being caused by the fact that the recordset I 
wish to edit is already open on Form A, so when Form B opens, the recordset 
is locked.  I am hoping that there is some VB coding that would help with 
this process.  I know there's a way to make this happen - I'm just too new to 
find the way. 
Your help is appreciated!

9/6/2007 6:44:00 PM
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