Populating a subform from a listbox

Hi all,

Having spent the last couple of days banging my head against my monitor
trying to work this out - I thought I would turn it out to the gurus here.

I'm working with a form (FrmClientEnquiries) which will populate records in
Based on the user's selection in a listbox of 'RequestType' (LboRequestType),
I need the subform (sFrmRespChecks) to populate a series of records based on
the various 'Resp' asociated with the 'RequestType'.

Tables include:

    RTID (PK; autonumber)
    RequestType (eg: CID, Doc Check, Account Name Change,...)

    RID (PK; autonumber)
    Resp (eg: Client, RM, RM Support,...)

    RRID (PK; autonumber)
    RequestType (Sourced from TblRequestType)
    Resp (Sourced from TblResp)

    CEID (PK; autonumber)

    RCID (PK; autonumber)
    CEID (sourced from FrmClientEnquiries)
    Resp (Sourced from TblRRLinks)
    Completed (Yes/No; Checkbox)


Code currently being used (I picked up & worked from John Vinson's "Animal
Clinic" sample which has been posted here a number of times):

Private Sub LboRequestType_AfterUpdate()

Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim StrSQL As String
Dim StrResp As String
Dim StrRequestType As String
Dim IntRTID As Integer
Dim IntRRID As Integer

If Me.NewRecord = True Or Me.RecordSource = "" Then
    Exit Sub
End If


Set db = CurrentDb

StrSQL = "SELECT RRID, Resp From TblRRLinks WHERE " & _
"RequestType = '" & Me.[CboRequestType] & "'"

Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(StrSQL, dbOpenDynaset)

With Me.CboRequestType
    For IntRTID = 0 To .ListCount - 1
        rs.FindFirst "[Resp] =" & .Column(1, IntRTID)
        .Selected(IntRTID) = Not rs.NoMatch
    Next IntRTID
End With

Set rs = Nothing
Set db = Nothing

End Sub


Alright - so the code runs quite happily, but I'm not getting anything with
regards to having sFrmRespChecks being populated when the user selects a
RequestType from the listbox.

Any thoughts/guidance with this are greatly appreciated.  I've been running
around in circles for the last couple of days trying to get this ticking over.

Many thanks to everyone.


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